January Jones fierce creatures

January Jones took her love for animals to the next level this last Thanksgiving weekend. When everyone was posing for pictures with family and friends over Thanksgiving turkey, Jones played host to two unusual guests: a Tarantula and a gigantic albino Burmese Python.

With her wavy blonde hair cascading down her neck, the python looked like it belonged. Jones took pictures of her scary, cold blooded friends in different areas of her house. She shared pictures on her Instagram captioning one as “Sunday, right” showing a giant furry tarantula lazily making its away across her palms.

The “Mad Men” and “Last Man on Earth” actress is not given to celebrity infamy, but she is dedicated to causes she believes in. The worst thing she has done is throw shade at ex-boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher for not being encouraging when she was just starting out as an actress.

After handling fierce creatures like a real live python and a tarantula, one can only wonder what Miss Jones will do next in the name of animal activism.

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